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Related post: Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 17:58:38 -0800 (PST) From: Jake K Subject: The Real Me part 9This is a work of fiction, and the characters engage in unsafe sexual activity that in the real world should not happen. Always use a condom, and establish a safe word to make sure both parties understand the limits and know when to stop.As always, direct any comments to I appreciate all the feedback I have gotten, and am flattered at the number of fans I seem to have developed. I promise I am going to finish the story, but work has gotten a lot more burdensome right now, cute preteen xxx so please be patient. But send your thoughts and ideas -- all of them are appreciated, and I am working to incorporate some them as they fit the tale (and yes, K, the twins are going to be making another appearance, no worries!!)The real Jake***As I listened to Scott tell me about how he had come to be stretched out on my couch with my head on his chest, I was very aware of how his body was reacting to his memories. When he talked about subduing the football player, nude preteens asleep he got very hard -- but when I moved to touch his cock, he simply grabbed my hand and shook his head no... he didn't say anything, continuing on with his tale, but it was obvious this was not playtime. Then when he got to his father's illness, I heard preteen porn nymphet his heartbeat harder and faster -- obviously it still tore him up inside to think about his father. I hugged him tightly, and a very subtle squeeze from him let me know he noticed and appreciated it.After he was done, we did not speak for what seemed an eternity -- we just lay there, with his hand playing with my hair a bit, and for the first time in a very very long time I felt relaxed with another man -- not preteens galleries free in a sexual sense, but in just a level of trust that we could be together with no words. My hand gently rubbed his leg, and after a moment of tension, he relaxed -- I realized from his story he had never had this sort preteen 3d galleries of intimate moment with another guy before now, and I felt happy (and oddly, proud) he was able to be like this with me.We both must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew he was shaking me gently, and when I little preteen fetisch preteen non nudepics looked at the clock, it was 2:30 AM. And from beneath me I felt an awakened giant pressing against me, and I knew where before it had been a bonding moment, the time had come for a bondage moment, and my own cock leapt to full mast at the thought."Boy, time to underage hardcore preteens preteen girls gymnastics go upstairs. I still owe you your punishment for the email, and then I want to give you what you wanted the other night. I think beautiful preteens free you are ready for it, and ready to accept your new place cute preteen butts as my bitch, yes?" He had flipped from the quiet, gentle (and yet still very firm) man tgp preteen model to the very assertive and commanding owner, and I knew he was right -- I was ready to accept him as controlling me. Yes, I still had some questions, and there were butterflies in my gut, but in the week since we had met, I had grown to know I wanted him around me, however it had to be. So I looked up at him and nodded, and a soft "Yessir" came from my lips.He pushed me off and stood, stretching, Again, I was overwhelmed with lust for this young man -- his almost perfect body, his easy smile, his whole attitude of control... I wanted him, and in anyway he asked I would be his. He walked ahead of me, and I saw the muscles in his back and legs moving under his tanned smooth skin, and I followed like the puppy he was training me to be.We got up to the playroom, and I saw he had unlocked it when he had changed clothes earlier, the door now open and waiting. In the middle of preteens boy the entryway was a small box, with my name on it. He walked over it, not looking at me, and moved to the preteens fucking pics side. I stood for a moment, not sure what to do, but he had obviously placed it there for preteen nude oral me, so I leaned down and picked it up, and preteen pic s lifted the lid as I preteen virginity stories walked inside the room.Scott had moved to the table, and was leaning against it, watching me. Even as I was focused on the gift in my hands, my breath caught at the home preteen bbs sight of him with his arms crossed, that intense pedoph preteen stare boring into me. My cock throbbed again, at the sight of this total stud waiting preteen fotos hot on me, and he grinned when he saw this.As I opened it, I heard something clink inside. I lifted the preteen virgin hair paper out of the way and saw a chain collar inside -- to anyone not into this, it preteen beautiful model would look like a preteen bald simple necklace, but right away I noticed the small lock on it, and the lack of a key, as well as the large single ring that would let him attach a preteen storys leash when he wanted. I looked up at Scott, who said nothing, that intense serious look back on his face.I trembled a bit, knowing this was 101 gallery preteen yet another major step to never being able xxx real preteens to go back to who I had been. But I took the chain out of the box and set the now empty container to the side. I walked over nude preteen rompl to Scott and knelt before him, head bowed. "Please, sir, can you put this on me?" I felt his hand ruffle my hair, and he softly said, "Yes boy."I heard him open the lock, and then he knelt down in front of me, and placed the chain around my neck. He stopped before he closed the lock again, however, and lifted my chin so I looked him in the eyes. "If I lock this preteen baby porn in place, it will not come off again, ever, as long as I own you. So at the gym, at work, at bars, with family -- you are going to have my mark on you. At anytime you can remove it, the key will be hanging next to the playroom door, but if you ever remove it, we're done. So make sure you can deal with this, boy, make sure it is what you really want."As he spoke, I began to shake, because I knew he was not playing. He meant it -- there would cute shaven preteens be no second chances. For a few seconds, we just looked at each other, before I preteen artmodel slowly extreme preteen rape leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. "Please, sir, put it on me."He clicked the lock in place, then stood and walked to the door. He put the small key, already on a chain, over a hook by the door. Then he walked back to me, and pulled me up. He pushed me back against the wall, and pulled me down enough to be able to kiss pic nudist preteen me -- he started gently, but by the end he was almost raping my mouth, his tongue forcing into my mouth, biting lightly at my lips, and his hands roaming all over my body. I could not help free black preteen it -- I moaned, and melted into him.After a few minutes, he pulled back, and then grabbed the collar to drag me to the middle of the room. He barked at me to stand with my legs spread and my hands behind my back. As crack illegal preteen he did he went to the toy wall, and lifted up a small flogger -- the one used to swat someone's balls. I swallowed, because I knew how much that hurt from the whimpers the boys I had used it on had made. But I did as I was told -- if there was one lesson I had already learned it was that hesitating or preteen pic xxx arguing would simply result in more punishment.He walked in front of me and held the flogger up to my lips. "Kiss it, boy, and tell me what this is going to teach you." I looked at him as I leaned in and kissed the preteen gay newsgroups flogger."Sir, this is preteen non to preteenz bikini models teach me preteen underage nudest that I have to show proper respect to you at all times, and that I have to remember my place as your boy. I let myself forget that in the email I sent, and I know you have to punish me, to show me what will happen when I misbehave or break your rules."Even as I finished my sentence, the flogger lashed down and struck my balls, and I cried out in pain, and without thinking, I moved my hands over my groin. Scott's reaction was instant -- he grabbed me and shoved me to the play table. "Stupid boy, you NEVER cover yourself in front of me, no matter what is happening. Get up there, bitch, I see I am going to have to tie your ass down nude russianpreteen males to finish this."I whimpered but crawled up on the table, and lay on my back. Scott worked quickly, using the ropes in the room to tie me spread eagle to the table, and my hands were firmly restrained to the top of the table. Almost as an afterthought, he put on the belly band, keeping me from thrashing around at all -- I was now totally helpless and at his mercy.He picked up the flogger again, and swatted me on preteen naked galleries my already aching balls. I knew the blows were not hard enough to do any real damage -- I trusted Scott, and I knew he would not intentionally cause me real harm -- but the blow still hurt like a motherfucker. This time I managed to not yell out, just whimpering at the pain. But after two more, I was crying, begging him to stop, telling him I would never forget my place, just please no more. He looked at me and shook his head, and used the flogger six more times, with the last one being hard enough to preteens photos free make young german preteens me scream it hurt so much, sending me into another mental state. When I came back, Scott was petting my face, and kissing my forehead."Boy, you have to behave and follow the rules -- I hate having to punish you like that, but I know pain is the best thing to reinforce what you did wrong, and to get you to stay on the right path." As he spoke he began to untie me, and when I was free I curled up to him, promising to be a good boy from now on, promising anything, wanting to never face that again.He petted me, and shushed me, calming me down like a mother to a baby. Slowly my crying stopped and I noticed he was still rock hard -- though he had said he disliked doing that, obviously that was not totally true. He pulled me around then put me on my stomach, and then tied me back to the table, again legs spread. It took me a moment to understand what was going to happen, but by the time pussy free preteen I did, it was preteen mobels nude too late -- I was helpless again.The table I was on had been built by a friend who was a mechanical engineer, and it allowed for a lot of positioning and manipulation of the boy tied to it. Scott had obviously looked at it enough to figure it out, because preteens breasts pics he began to work the gears to open the table near my head -- the two pieces my arms were tied to were cranked so that I was now in a Y, with an open space next to my face. Then he used the other gears to lower the table to the right height for him. Finally, he cranked open the legs, so I was now open to any invasion preteen seduction he wanted to offer. Scott walked to the end of the table, stepping between my legs. I whimpered, thinking he was going preteens young little to shove right into me, but instead he leaned down and models bikini preteen began to play with my hole with his tongue. He obviously knew what he was doing, because very quickly he had me moaning like a bitch in heat, and shaking my ass trying to get him to go deeper. I had had my ass rimmed before but never as well as this or as long -- it always struck me as too "bottom" before now. But now, all I wanted was him to work me more, to open me up, and by the time he preteen smoking was done, I wanted shameless preteen pictures him to fuck me like his whore. He laughed as I moaned, and told me I sounded like a proper cuntboy now. I could not respond, other then a much louder moan as he lightly bit at my hole.Then he began to push at my hole with his finger, working into me easily, since he had slicked me up and loosened the muscle-ring with his tongue play. As he worked in and out of me with his finger, he began to hit my prostate and my moans became much louder and more forceful -- which made he chuckle more. He began to work me hard, and slipped in a second finger along the way. It hurt, but I also knew I needed this before he reamed me, as well as wanting ilegal preteens free it- I wanted preteen hard gallery him to fuck me, to break my ass for the first time. He worked his way up to three fingers, preteen gallery asian flexing them inside me, fucking me with them, making me beg for more. "Don't worry, my boy, I am going to give you more -- and one day soon, I am going to open you all the way and fist this hot ass of yours..." his words made me jump, asian little preteen scared because I had never even thought about that... "but not tonight, tonight I am going to breed you, and show you how it feels to be a bitch to a real man."After a few more moments, Scott pulled out and moved to the other end, and pushed his cock at my mouth. dark mini preteen "Suck it!!" He said this with a light slap to my face, again to show me who was in control.I lifted my head and opened up, letting him shove his cock into my mouth. Again, the sheer size of it made me gag as he forced it down my throat, but he did not slow down. He grabbed my hair, and used it for leverage to begin to fuck my face. As the 10 inch monster worked in and out of my mouth, it cut off my air some, making preteen models nymphet me choke, but Scott never slowed down -- this was about his pleasure not my models preteen child comfort, and he was going to use me like a slut as long as he wanted.For the next five minutes he fucked my face hard, slapping me face every once in awhile when I forgot to cover my teeth with my lips or when preteen candids bikini I seemed to lose focus on sucking his cock. Again, the slaps were not hard enough to really hurt, just enough to preteen pedo photos sting and get me back to pleasing him. fucking preteens photos And I was working hard at it very hot preteen -- whatever was in me that made me want to serve this boy-man had kicked into overdrive. Then he said the words I both wanted and dreaded."Better slick me up good, boy, this is all the lube you are getting european photo preteens -- the twins told me how you fucked them like this, and how it made them cry. I figure if it was good enough preteen nymphet girls for them, it is enough for you, yeah?"Oh my god, more evidence my old behavior was going to keep coming back to haunt me. But it did serve to get me to slobber more on him, knowing this huge stick was going to bust open my cherry ass.When he was satisfied I had gotten him wet enough, he pulled out and walked behind me, and I felt the preteen beauty portal head against my preteen sports bbs virgin hole. Without any warning or prep, he shoved into me -- thank god he had taken some time to warm me up with his tongue and fingers or I would feel like I was dying. As it was I screamed like a little girl, just from the sheer size of the invader. Scott never slowed down though -- he knew he had me pre teen digest opened enough that I preteen video clips was not going to be really hurt, but he wanted me to suffer some, to remind me how I had used others, and preteen forum boards how I was now going to be used hereafter.As he pistoned in and out of me, he told me how he russian preteen underwear loved my ass, how he was going to fuck me every korean preteens model day form now on, how I was going to hot preteen picture learn to be his total bitch whenever and however he wanted. He told me what a slut I was, how good I was being, and how he loved me moaning for him (oh my god... I was moaning -- somewhere along the way, the pain had become preteen large boob pleasure, he was hitting my prostate again, and goddamn it felt great!!!). He would slap my ass, hard, with about every fifth thrust, which made me tense around his cock, which in turn made HIM moan -- he told me loved that my boy-cunt could massage his cock like preteen nude teen that. And with each thrust, my new collar clinked, reminding me of my new role.Soon, his thrusts became more forceful, again almost verging on being painful, but not quite. We had descended to the animal-like level, where neither of us spoke, we just grunted and moaned (and in preteens models european my case, sometimes whimpered) with the fucking. I could japan preteen bbs not even concentrate on what had happened to me, on what I had become -- russian preteen toplist all I could do was enjoy the feelings that my preteens hard core owner was giving to me.Scott rammed into me for a long time (later he told me it lasted about thirty five minutes -- no wonder my ass was raw for the next few days!!!), and then suddenly he grabbed my hips and slammed into me HARD -- I yelped in pain as I felt what had to be molten lava erupting inside me. Volley after volley shot up my ass, as Scott leaned down on my back, still lost in the animal lust. As he kept humping me, he bit my shoulder, hard. Again I cried out, this time in a degree of real pain -- without having to see it, I knew Scott had drawn some blood -- he had just marked me as his!!!As Scott softened inside me, I felt him withdrawing slowly. As he did he was moving up, to lie on top of me. He was kissing my neck, lightly nibbling at it. As he came back to his senses, he noticed the bite wound on my shoulder blade. I felt his alarm, as he jumped off me, and began to untie me."Boy, I am sorry -- you made me lose control. I naked preteen x never meant to hurt you..." He had me loose in a few moments, and pulled me up to his arms. I was spent, almost like russian modell preteen a rag doll in his arms, but preteen hairless pussy I still managed to cuddle into him.He looked down into my face, concerned that I was truly hurt, but then saw my smile. "Sir, I am fine -- I know you would never hurt me for real. And the fact that I was able to make you lose it so much, that fucking me was so good for you, that you forgot yourself and marked me... believe me, sir, I will wear that scar with pride." I kissed him on the lips, as he grinned and pulled me closer.It was in that moment that I realized Scott was learning with this, too. I had to adjust to being the submissive boy, and to learn to not think of myself first. But Scott was learning how to be more then just a dominant master, and was starting to see me as more then a play toy. nude preteen tgp His concern for me was not like how I had been concerned with the boys I played with -- with them, I wanted their pleasure first and foremost. With Scott and I, he simply knew his role as the one in control was to keep me safe, and he worried he had crossed the line.And that was when I knew there were real feelings involved for both of us.He helped me stand preteen beach nude and walked me to the bathroom. He sat my down on the tub, and got out the first aid kit I kept under the sink. Gently, he washed the wound, and covered it with ointment, a bandage and finally a waterproof covering. Then he kissed my neck, and whispered in my ear, "I really did mark you, boy -- anyone who sees that is gonna know it is a bite mark. But I like it -- I will never do it again, I promise, but now you have a mark unlike any other you can ever get." He stroked my hair, then we stood and he blowjobs by preteens started the shower.I washed him from head to toe, enjoying the pleasure of feeling his hard muscled body under my hands. I massaged him all over, and was rewarded with his moans of pleasure. When I had washed the boys I played with before, I had thought of it as me being the "parent" taking care of the "kid" but now I knew it was my desire to serve and service.And I was also delighted to see he had gotten hard again -- the joys of being a teenager, and legal preteen boys having quick recovery time!!!As the water ran over us, I knelt before him, and began to lick the head. He leaned back against the wall, and spread his legs. I began to suck on the tip, and lightly chewed on the head -- he had been circumcised as a baby, to my disappointment -- which got me a moan of pleasure. As I had discovered the first night in the playroom, Scott liked it rough, as well. I reached up and played with his balls as I sucked his cock, preteen school xxx tugging on them enough to make him tense up and rise up on the balls of his feet -- but he never objected, and in fact he told me what a good boy I was.I began to bob up and down on his cock faster, feeling it sliding down japanese swimsuit preteens the back of my throat. Just a week before, I was not able to swallow it down without gagging, and now I was like an old pro with his huge member. When I would pull back and have just the tip on my tongue, I could taste preteen ls nudes the pre-cum leaking from the head. The faster I moved, the more he moaned, liking the attention his boy was giving to his cock. After a couple of minutes, he began to tense up, and grabbed my head to shove me down on his cock, and held me there. He shot down my throat, making me choke some, but I loved it, lo bbs preteens too -- I loved knowing I had no choice but to swallow it, and take what he gave preteen grils nonude me. In fact, I just liked that I had no choice with him -- that he made the decisions and I just was to go along with them, and I knew that was not just sexually, but in everything with preteens legs spread us -- and I liked it!!!He slowly relaxed again, and petted my head. The warm water was preteens models hard still running down our bodies, as I slowly pulled off him and rested my forehead against his abs. For a few minutes we stayed like this, no words, just once in awhile usenet preteen nonude I would lick or kiss his abs or he would stroke my face. Then he told me he had to piss, and looked at me expectantly. I did not hesitate for a second.I moved back far enough to look up at him, and opened my mouth, and waited. He smiled, then aimed his cock at me, and let loose. The falling water diluted it somewhat, but still, his piss was very strong, acrid to point of making me gag, but I kept my mouth open and swallowed my owner's gift. He moved to piss all over my face and chest, and grinned at me. "Fuck yeah, boy, you are a total little naked preteen blogs piggy for this, aren't you?" He slapped me face lightly, just enough to again ram home that he was the new man of the house, and I was his bitch, as well as his boy.When he was done, he had me wash myself, then I had to dry him off. preteens models tpg When I was done, he took the towel and dried me, using this as a chance to fully inspect my work at shaving myself. He ran his hands all over my smooth body, and complimented me on my preteen modal pics job. Then he found one stray hair, in my ass crack. He "tsk"ed once, then he grabbed it and ripped it off, making me gasp more in shock then real pain. "THAT is the punishment for any hairs I find, boy -- I am going to pull them off you. I suggest you be thorough, because one hair is easy to handle, but if there are ever several, I think you will be whimpering when I am done." He finished his examination, and luckily there were no more. I made a mental note to check myself daily, and to keep a good supply shaved preteen pussy of both razors and the depilatory cream on hand, to use as needed.When he was satisfied, he led me to bed. He got in first, and patted the spot in front of him. I was like an eager foto preteen cuties puppy, climbing into the bed so fast to get to him. I happily lay on my side on front of him, and he spooned me from behind. Now, I know it is strange, a tall guy having a shorter man spoon him -- things just do not "fit" right for this. But somehow, it worked with us -- it was more about the contact then anything finding a groove. And that was how we preteen bowling parties spent the first night together, me in his arms, and happy as I have ever been. As we both fell into sleep, he leaned in and kissed the new chain around my neck. The photo pretty preteen little clinking noise it made as he made it move was like music to me, and that night it was the soundtrack to my dreams.I was lucky that night, sleeping as peacefully as I did, in that I did not know what surprises were to come the next day...
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